Centenary Registration

Celebrating 100 years of Hockey.

Register Team Interest in WHC Centenary Tournament

We're now inviting clubs and teams interested in playing on each of these days to register interest. Depending on your club/team you can register for one, two or all three days. As we get closer to the event we'll be in contact to confirm and offer your place. Please fill out the below form if you're interested.

September 2024 marks the start of Witham Hockey Club's 100th year as a hockey club, a truly landmark achievement and we have plans to make it our biggest and best year yet!

One of these plans is a weekend Centenary Festival to kick off that season and bring together everyone, old and new, as we begin to celebrate the past one hundred years with a friendly competition amongst local clubs and friends of WHC. This Centenary Festival will run on 13th-15th September 2024 which will encompass the wealth of people and history of the club by providing three traditional grass pitch tournaments spanning the generations; a walking hockey mixed 7s tournament on the Friday, a mixed 7s tournament on the Saturday and a juniors tournament on the Sunday.

Each day will be full with a food and drink available throughout, followed by evening entertainment on the Friday and Saturday. They'll also be a beer tent serving a selection of beers, ciders and wine, so no matter your preference you'll be able to celebrate or drown your sorrows.

For those joining us on the Friday and Saturday there will be the option to camp on the Friday and Saturday nights. Helpful to either those who wish to be fresh for competition or don't want to travel (or stumble...) too far. There are a number of hotels nearby should you prefer more comfort.

Rules, Eligibility, & Info of Note

The team entry cost for Friday and Saturday is £100 a team. At this time there will be no cost to enter a Juniors team at any level but spaces will be shared out to clubs as necessary.

Standard rules will apply for the Mixed 7s tournament on Saturday, and the Juniors on Sunday. We understand that enforcing the gender ratio for the Walking Mixed tournament on the Friday may be problematic as it is intended for the more senior members of the hockey community. With that in mind we will accept teams of any gender ratio but would request you try and play within the spirit of mixed hockey.

The Friday walking hockey mixed 7s is aimed at our most 'experienced' retired and veterans, please keep this in mind.

The mixed 7s tournament is aimed at adult players, those who would usually play on a Saturday during the season.

The juniors tournament is as it suggests, for the junior hockey players out there.

All skill levels are welcome on any of the days, whilst competitive hockey will be played this is a friendly tournament and should be fun.