Celebrating 100 years of Hockey.

Witham Centenary - September 2024

This year is our 99th year as a club, which means next year in the 2024/25 season, Witham Hockey Club will be celebrating its 100th year! This is a truly landmark achievement and we have plans to make it our biggest and best year yet!

One of these plans is a weekend Centenary Festival to kick off that season and bring together everyone, old and new, as we begin to celebrate the past one hundred years with a friendly competition amongst local clubs and friends of WHC

Centenary Festival

This Centenary Festival will run on 13th-15th September 2024 which will encompass the wealth of people and history of the club by providing three traditional grass pitch tournaments spanning the generations; a mixed walking hockey tournament on the Friday, a mixed seniors tournament on the Saturday and a juniors tournament on the Sunday.

This will be followed by multiple events throughout the 2024/25 season that culminates in style with a Gala Dinner where we celebrate the club's centenary with all those who made it possible.

More information will be sent out over the coming months but make sure you get the Centenary Festival tournament weekend in your diary. We look forward to sharing the festivities with you! 🗓

We plan on making this a celebration to remember, so over the upcoming 2023/24 season and throughout the 2024/2025 season they'll be a number of events to raise funds. You can easily help with this by simply coming to those events, and even better by assisting with the running of them.

Furthermore, we will also be sending out a range of sponsorship opportunities for this season and the Centenary season that will be suitable for everyone, from individuals to large businesses and anyone in-between. However, should you wish to contact us directly about this we'd love to hear from you 📩

Here's to our 99th year and the upcoming 100th!